Hey love,

This is me. I went from being a homeless teen runaway to graduating from a top university with a fancy degree in accounting to quitting my equally fancy job at a CPA firm to then launch two online businesses.

I’ve been through some shit in my life and because of this...I give a shit. I give a shit about the quality of my life, this precious earth, and helping others achieve their goals so they can live their dreams.

In no particular order I’ve traveled the world by myself, adopted a dog while I lived in Greece, put myself through college, launched two businesses, and healed my PTSD and anxiety. Now I work from my laptop and generally love the crap out of my life.

I start each day with the intention to enjoy the journey by finding the good even in the resistance. I fully believe in the power of our thoughts and intentions. I swear a lot, wear crop tops, and believe in your ability to let go of your excuses to change your life.

Check out my mission driven brand Moxie The Label. A portion of all sales goes to a non profit, and the shirts are cute af. Also check out my brand academy, Launch With Love. If you are a newbie biz babe with a powerful story who needs help turning that story into a brand and business that changes your life, then I gotchu boo.

With love and moxie,

Kimberly Borges

Transformational Brand Coach