The Power Of An Hour


The Power of An Hour

When you know what you want to accomplish and why, you will be the most focused and productive you have ever been.

I’ve heard it time and time again “but Kimberly I don’t have the time to do _____.” Sis, I love you so you know I say this with kindness but I have to call bullcrap on you. Give me one hour, just one hour, and I will get you on your way to building the life of your dreams. Maybe you’re thinking “pffftt an hour, that’s not going to help me at all” and I would once again have to lovingly call bs. I guarantee that you are underestimating the power of an hour.

As someone who has ADHD and has suffered most of my life from monkey mind and believing that only Type A personalities get shit done with a no nonsense attitude, trust me when I say that the easily distracted Type B personalities can be as productive as any high performer. Let me tell you how.

The only reason we think we can’t do the things that are necessary to build our budding business in the time that we have is because we don’t understand how much can actually be done in an hour IF we have the clarity on what we are doing and why. We underestimate how much we can do in an hour because when we do make the time our brains are scattered and we have a thousand different things we want to accomplish for a thousand different reasons and we have no idea where to start. Our monkey minds take over and we make mediocre attempts at accomplishing a dozen different things. When we’re done we’ve start more projects than we needed to and haven’t done enough in any of them so we feel even more overwhelmed and discombobulated than when we started.




Just stop. I promise you that you can make massive strides in building your brand and business with just one hour a day IF you get crystal clear on two things. The first are what I like to call your “engine starters.” These are the things that will give you momentum. The things that energetically excite you and light that fire in your soul. They are also the things that are the major connectors. If you visualize a bubble map, they are the pieces that connect the most to other pieces. The tasks you must complete that allow you to start other tasks. For instance, outlining your email marketing nurture sequence allows you to then start writing each of the emails within the sequence, which then allows you to do the next thing. What are the engine starters in your business? Don’t know? Create a bubble map and see what the major connectors are. The second thing you need to get crystal clear on is WHY. I know you’ve heard this before but it is worth repeating. Always come back to your why. It is going to ignite the goal oriented masculine energy you need to sit down for a solid hour of productivity.

Anytime I have a task at hand, whether I enjoy it or not (but especially if I don’t enjoy it) I ask myself these two questions. What do I want to accomplish? Why do I want to accomplish it?

Pro-tip: The why part of this question gets to the heart and core of why you are doing what you are doing in the world, not just about being productive and crossing things off the list.

Then I sit down and get to work. When we connect and remind ourselves of why we have chosen to do the work that we do we become unstoppable. It’s just a matter of setting up the triggers that allow for us to reconnect with that why again and again and again. Asking these two questions before sitting down to be productive enables us to make that connection at the most pertinent time...before we take action.

Try it out. Carve out an hour of time, or even just 20 minutes of time if that’s all you can manage. Decide beforehand the task you want to accomplish (aim for something that can be finished in those 20 min so you can have the benefit of the satisfaction of checking something off of your list) and before you sit down ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish? Why do I want to accomplish this? And go deep on the “why” question, this isn’t just about checking off a box, finishing this task is about something much bigger as it relates to your overall purpose in life and business.

Give me an hour of your day, with clarity and purpose we can get you making massive progress to build the brand and business of your dreams.

With love and moxie,

Coach KB

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