Top Tips To Brand Your Instagram

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This mini training is going to cover my top tips for immediately attracting your dream clients. What are the things people immediately notice when discovering a new profile? The name and handle, and the bio. What message are you sending with yours? Are you sending the wrong message? How do you know what to write?

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If you are feeling lost and confused about how to attract your dream clients with your Instagram then you are in the right place! You know that Instagram has massive marketing power...but maybe you feel a bit embarrassed with the way your Instagram looks.

Maybe you're dissecting your favorite accounts looking for their super secret formula because theirs just looks so good & something about it just makes you FEEL GOOD. Or maybe you've given up altogether because you think they must be so much smarter or more talented than you, and that's why their Instagram is sooo on point. You think there's no point in even trying to compete. 

Well, I'm here to tell you, the formula isn't a secret and it's really easy to implement. Plus this isn't a competition AT ALL.

This is about highlighting the wonderful things about you that make you YOU in a digestible and easy to understand format so that your dream clients immediately feel connected and drawn towards you (also known as branding!).

Think of these tips are the beautiful wrapping paper around the real gift...which is you and your message. You and your message is in the content and value that you deliver to your ideal client but that's a lesson for another day. Today we're going to talk about the branding of your Instagram. 

Before we get to the tips answer these questions.

1. What is your goal with your Instagram? Are you there to simply have a following? Do you want your dream clients to join your private Facebook group? Do you want to help them with their journey in some way? Do you want to throw a retreat and have them attend? What are your goals?

2. How do you want your dream client to feel upon first discovering your account?

3. How do you provide value?


Ok on to the tips!


Basic Info

  • What is your Instagram handle? If it's your name consider using the space for your "name" to describe your job title. You've got limited real estate here so use all the precious space you have to convey who you are and why they should follow your journey.
  • Make sure your profile is public! Your dream clients can't find you if your account is private!
  • Create a business page on Facebook and link your Instagram account to it. This way you get to access all of your analytics. When you create a biz page on FB it will ask you to categorize yourself, choose the appropriate one. Ex "retail" "public figure" "coach."


  • Is your bio easy to read or is it one big block of text? Or maybe you don't even have a bio, if you don't you need to write one pronto!
  • Here's what you write. What problem are you solving?
  • Who are you helping?
  • Does your personality shine through?

For real life examples of profiles of what these should look like AND my additional top tips for Insta story, your content, website info, and highlights head here to feed the interwebs your email address and it will deliver the goods!


With love and moxie,

Coach KB

Do it for the 'gram