What a personal trainer taught me about business


The biggest lesson I learned from hiring a personal trainer.

Don’t half-ass it.

*mind explodes*

I know, I’m not reinventing the wheel right now but stay with me for a moment.

How often do we have the very thing that is going to get us to where we want to go and yet we half-ass it. We don’t go ALL IN. And then we complain about how we’re not accomplishing that thing or getting the results we want? Way too often if you ask me.

So there I was talking to my trainer Kiel (said like “Kyle” please don’t call him Kee-el he hates it). It had been about 4 months since our last session together. I took a bit of a break from our sessions, I had been traveling a lot and working a new corporate job that required long hours and what seemed like an even longer commute. He had created a workout routine for me to follow while I got my new schedule settled. Our first session back together I said to him “Kiel, I don’t know, I don’t think the workout you made for me is that hard. I mean, I’m tired when I leave the gym but my body is NEVER sore the next day.” I give you permission to imagine me saying this in a kind of whiny voice to a super duper fit athletic guy because if I’m being honest, I was whining. Sidebar, don’t EVER, and I mean ever, tell your personal trainer that their workouts aren’t hard enough. As you might guess, Kiel kicked my butt that day and I was sore for a week.

Radical Responsibility.png

But here’s the thing I learned. I. WAS. HALF. ASSING. IT.

He wasn’t there to push me so I wasn’t pushing myself. I held in my possession the key to my success. I just had to do what it told me to do, and I would get the results I said I wanted. Instead, I skipped sets, sometimes I skipped entire sections of the workout. Then I said (you may imagine me being a whiny bitch again) “Kiel, I don’t know what the deal is but I’m never sore after working out.” Like HELLOOOOOOO. Duh.

How often have you bought the program or signed up for the class and then not used it or shown up? How often have you held the key to your success in your hands but instead you looked around you and said “I don’t have the right strategy. I don’t know how to do this.” And instead of taking responsibility for your business goals you put the blame on some outside factor? Are you doing this right now? Do you have the branding course in your inbox but have yet to look at the first module? Did you join the social media membership group but have yet to introduce yourself?

Are you half-assing it?

I see you sister, you have got some big ‘ole dreams of creating a life and business that changes (y)our world. But to do that, you have to take radical responsibility for your dreams. I invite you to take a look at the areas you are playing small because it keeps you safe. Hey, I get it, if you actually look at the course sitting in your inbox you might have to do something and that is scary af. But here’s the thing, WE need you. That girl, the one you used to be who is struggling right now, she needs you to step up to the plate and swing. Even if you miss, watching you swing might inspire her to get herself up out of the muck. So you can’t half-ass it, you have to go all in and take radical responsibility for your dreams.

I haven’t seen Kiel for a session for awhile now but I’m using the workouts he created for me. I’m all in this time, doing full sets, doing ALL of the sections, and sometimes even pushing myself a bit harder than it says. And trust me, I’m definitely sore the next day.

Go all in. You deserve it. Your goals deserve it. SHE deserves it.

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