The Road To Success Is Paved With "Good Enough"

“Perfectionism is an intellectual’s excuse for procrastination. Failure is the successful person’s process of elimination” Lori Harder

In my coaching business and journey of entrepreneurship I see so much of this. People put so many conditions around what needs to happen and exist before they can launch/create/sell/promote a product or service for their business. But here’s the thing, the road to success is not paved with perfect product launches or perfect intro’s to the podcast or the perfectly crafted email that once perfected will have thousands of potential clients banging at your door. No, the road to success is paved with getting the damn thing out there and if that means slapping a “good enough” sticker on top of it and sending it out so be it.

You see, I believe that “perfection” is really a way for our ego to keep safe. We tell ourselves that it’s because we have high standards and that we don’t want to launch something that is less than the best but where do those conditions get us? No. Where. We stay in the same place, doing the same thing. The ego, is safe. There's no risk if you do nothing.

I invite you to take a look at what you’re keeping behind the curtain waiting until it’s “perfect” before revealing to the world. Is perfection helping or hindering you? Is perfection keeping you safe? Is perfection the thing that stands between you and your dreams? In the words of Amber Lilyestrom "launch it ugly." 

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Kimberly Borges