Why I’m talking about God and I’m not a Christian.


Let’s speak some truths for a moment shall we?

There are shitty people in the world, this we know. There are shitty Christians and there are shitty atheist. Hurt people hurt people, our spiritual beliefs rarely change that. Can we agree on that? Yes, ok good.

Now let’s talk about labels. Labels aren’t super cool but they exist and will continue to exist in the foreseeable future. Here are some labels and my thoughts on how they apply to me: feminist - fuck yes; activist - yup; sex positive - uh huh; body positive - definitely; spiritual - yuppers; liberal - heck yes; religious - not so much.


Here’s a truth, I used to immediately judge anyone who said they went to church. If anyone said “Jesus” and they weren’t telling a joke I backed away silently never to return. Those were not MY people. Those were people who were too ignorant to do their own thinking. Those people were judgmental of people who weren’t like them and those people are going to try to slut shame me and fit me into a box of what a “proper” woman should be. Hell no.

Here’s another truth. Some of the MOST judgmental and cruel “friends” I have had identified with the SAME labels as I do. Feminist, liberal, body positive friends shamed me for “semi-sexy” photos. Who unfriended me as I began to tell my stories of abuse and trauma, who told me I might be romanticizing mental health issues. These people never talked about God or Jesus but they did talk about each other behind their backs.


I was judging the label of Christian and yet allowing people into my life that embodied the characteristics I had assigned to Christians.

Today some of the BEST people I know, and the best friends I have ever had are Christians. They are kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, elevated, high vibe, motivated, and inspiring women. They helped me see how many beautiful relationships I was cutting myself off from by judging a person from a label I gave to them.

So now on my spiritual journey I’ve finally decided that it is okay for me to talk about God if I want to. I typically don’t. I prefer other non-christian terms like Spirit, or Divine Intelligence, or Love. But I’ve decided that if I say God, it’s totally cool. I understand that there are going to be those that feel the way I used to feel. My message might not reach them and that’s okay.

I’m just going to do my best to spread my mission and my ministry of love using the tools that I have. God, is one way to describe the love that I believe we are all connected to. The source of love that we so often forget is who we are. I believe you are a child of God. In other words you’re a badass bitch who’s got it going on, and don’t forget that sister



I’m curious, do you talk about God? Do you feel judgment when you do? Are you also someone who does not identify as a Christian but who speaks about God? Let me know in the comments below.


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