One Reason You're Not Taking Action

Hey there love bug,

So you want to be your own boss. You want to start the blog, launch the podcast, write the book, and speak on stages or (**insert your thing here**). And yet, for some reason, you’re not. Why is that?

You talk about it. You dream about it. You say things like “I’m going to start a podcast” but why isn’t it “I am starting a podcast”? Why can’t you seem to get the momentum to just do it?

You are smart, intelligent, motivated, and tenacious, so what’s the deal hun?

Here is one reason you are not taking action towards attaining your goals. You are leaking energy. You are leaking VALUABLE energy to people, things, and limiting beliefs that do not serve you.

Tell me if this sounds like you, when you finally carve out the time you need to sit down to work on your biz, you feel distracted and rushed. It’s as though the time you have managed to take away from all of life’s demands is pointless because in your mind this amount time will never be “enough.” You feel inadequate, it’s as if whatever you’re doing isn’t good enough. You also feel like you’re doing it wrong but you aren’t sure so you spend your work time second guessing yourself and then wonder if maybe your time would be better spent doing something else. At the end of your time, you’re not really sure what you’ve done or if it’s any good.

Then when it’s time to take action the next time you remember how frustrating and futile it felt the last time so you conveniently come up with excuses why right now isn’t good.

Maybe next week or next month, heck, maybe next year would be a good time to write that book you’ve been talking about for the last 4 years, but right now, nah. And that’s how you get stuck in a rut of feeling busy and stretched too thin but doing nothing that moves your business forward.

Sound familiar? Hi *raises hand* that was me. I’ve been there and occasionally I still make a pit stop in frazzled dazzled anxiety town. It’s not a fun place to visit so I understand your frustration with this whole “be your own boss” idea. But here’s the good news. You don’t need to stay there. Here’s even better news, you can learn the skills it takes to sit down with clarity and focus to Get. Shit. Done.

Here’s the lowdown on how I have managed to take massive inspired action.

When you feel frazzled and distracted it is because you are leaking energy out that discombobulates the whole machine (aka you) so we need you to get crystal effing clear on what you are doing every hour of every day. Yes, this takes effort. But so does writing a book and standing on stage speaking to sold out audiences. You know what also takes effort, being miserable wishing you had done something different. #truth

The second thing we need to do is to clarify how each of these activities makes you feel. Yes, I said “feel” and no I’m not mistaken. Your lack of action and productivity is DIRECTLY related to the way you feel. Think about it, if you feel crappy about yourself or if you have repetitive thoughts going on in your head about how you’re not good/smart/fast/skinny enough do you think that motivates you to take the massive inspired action necessary to do the thing you want to do? That answer would be, no.

Everyday you dispense an ton of time and energy into people, projects, and even the stories that play out in your head. How often do you take a moment to analyze whether these things actually serve you in your higher purpose. When you leak energy you waste precious brain space and motivation to take action on what I call your “engine starters” the things that actually grow your bottom line.

You have two options when you discover what activities are draining you of your precious resources.

#1 The first is to outsource. Do you need to hire an editor for your podcast, bring on a VA to respond to emails, or work with a brand manager to help you with your funnels? Outsourcing could also mean just stopping it completely. For instance that mindless scroll you do on Instagram that leaves you feeling icky and blah after an hour of endless scrolling. Or eating that entire bag of cookies and now your stomach is queasy and you’re wishing you just drank some water instead. Those things you can outsource to no wo/man’s land.

You might be shouting at me “but Kimberly, I CAN’T outsource, I don’t have the funds to do that!” Don’t worry I’ve got you covered there too. So what happens when you can’t outsource? Maybe you don’t have the means to hire a VA but responding to emails in your mind is just the absolute worst and someone has to do it, what then?

#2 If there is a task in your business that is vital to its continuity, for example answering emails, but you just can’t seem to find a way to enjoy it, it’s most likely that you have detached yourself from your why. If you can reestablish your connection to the deep heart-centered WHY, which is attached to something greater than ourselves, then you can get through the arduous task of answering emails, or creating the funnel, or *gasp* even going live on facebook! Anything is possible when we understand why we are doing it.

Ask yourself, what do I want to do and why?

You might be wondering how a person actually implements these two steps. Simple (though not easy), you track it. You check in with yourself. You set up triggers throughout your day to bring awareness of how you feel and why you are doing what you are doing. You set an intention for how you want to feel.

When you first start out, you’ll be hitting the “feel good so I can get shit done” target about 3-5% of the time. But soon it’ll be 25% then 50% of the time. You’ll figure out how to get so fricking pumped about the work you have to do in the 30 minute time frame between the thousands of other things going on in your life that you’ll end up finishing that task in 20. And you’ll be so stoked about this that you just won’t be able to contain your excitement until you get the opportunity to do the next action step then the next action step. Everything is going to feel so damn good and you are going to be a feel good action taking engine. Soon you’ll be able to curate and intentionally plan how you want to feel pretty much all the time. This of course doesn’t mean that you never feel crappy or overwhelmed ever again, it just means that you will have built into your daily life habits that consistently bring your awareness to what brings you joy and what doesn’t, and how you can shift your perspective at any given moment.

How do I know this, because I did it. I continue to build my business with about an hour day (not including client time). Some days more, some days less. That’s the beauty of online business.

I hope this helps you clarify the blocks that are holding you back from taking action in your business. So get to it girlfriend, we need your magic out there in the world.

With love and moxie,

Coach KB


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